Employment & Insurance
Defense Law Firm

Poulos and Di Benedetto Law, P.C., serves their clients from start to finish.  Regardless of what obstacles are presented, this law firm perseveres and works to accomplish the best results possible.  Poulos and Di Benedetto Law is determined and dedicated to go that extra mile other law firm’s simply do not attempt.

Together, Tina Di Benedetto and David Poulos have been defending businesses and insurance companies for nearly half a century.  Poulos and Di Benedetto Law specializes not only in defending cases involving Workers’ Compensation, but, also Employment and Labor Law, Worker’s Compensation Subrogation and Third-Party Lien recovery.  Since founding their own law firm in January, 2011 they have been able to implement their own strategies and practices for defending employers throughout the state of Illinois and instill this upon their legal team.

This law firm listens to their client’s wants and needs and understands the overall direction their clients wish for their cases to be handled.  They guide and advocate on behalf of their clients in order to achieve the desired results.  Continuous and consistent communication is imperative.  Poulos and Di Benedetto Law make themselves available 24 hours a day for ALL of their clients, regardless if they have  a case assigned to them or not.

Poulos and Di Benedetto Law have a diverse clientele ranging from steel manufacturers, trucking companies, major hotels, travel buses and trolleys, construction businesses, food distributors, water technology companies to electronic manufacturers and suppliers.  Many of their clients are self-insured and self-administered; however, they also represent the insurance company directly.  Regardless of the kind of business, they pride themselves in offering the best defense in Illinois, tailored to your wants and needs.


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